The specialist tool includes a special domain specific tool,. This means that information available on the specialist tool to petroleum engineers, will not also be available to mechanical engineers as it is domain specific. In certain cases it might include an application that solves an industry related challenge


PRoduct & Services

alpha engineers technical consulting

  • Reservoir Engineering Consulting

  • Reservoir Model Building, Conversion and Analysis

  • Reserves Calculation, Forecasting & Reporting

  • Well Test Analysis

  • Economic, Acquisition and Divestment Analysis

  • Project & Programme Management  


This application includes information which engineers should know, however, due to their vast and complex nature, engineers are unable to remember totally from memory. These includes information as such symbols, formulas, units and their conversion factors within a specific engineering domain. It can also be customized to suit client requirements.

The advanced tool includes a more detailed information, which is usually acquired by experience as an engineer gain understanding in his/her field of work. These information includes but are not limited to, methodology, workflows and best practices. This application describes in simple short steps, how to accomplish a specific tasks.