upstream technical consulting  in Energy industryfor a better company decision making 


What We Do

Alpha Engineer is an innovative technology & consulting company created by engineers for engineers. we provide technical consulting & software development services to help companies & engineers, analyze and make technical and business decisions more efficiently ;

  • Data analytics, automatation & DIGITALISATION of processes.

  • technical & Management consulting - for innovative & improved decision making, oilfield screening analysis before acquisition & divestment, field studies, reservoir model building & analysis.  reserves forecasting  (SPE & SEc standard)

  • petroleum software - for advanced calculation, process automation and analysis.  

  • Mobile Applications - For improved staff COMPETENCY & training.

best practice & methodology
identified for use by engineers

Our Objective

Alpha Engineer main goal is to help companyies & engineers make better technical and business decisions, while at the same time helping companies solve industry related challenges, through use of innovative technologies  and excellent quality technical consulting.

innovative technology on mobiles & computerto address technical & business challenges


technologies currently used by Alpha Engineers includes;

  • eclipse, petrel, frontsim, intersect        

  • imex, stars

  • mores, drms

  • pipesim,  gap, prosper,  mbal

  • ​vip, nexus

  • saphir

  • WGiin iim

  • Ios

  • android ​

  • ​Hadoop
  • ​Rapid Miner
  • ​SAS
  • SAP